Vegetable Soup Recipe – A Perfect Weight Loss Guide

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Welcome to Yummy! Vegetable Soup Recipe Guide!

I’ve set category of people who are reading this post.

Do you want to know?

If you really want to know categories of readers who are reading this post then I must say you fall in my list of categories, so let’s start. :)

First categories of people are those who really like to eat Vegetable Soup Recipe. Am I right?

Yes, I am right. :)

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Second categories of people are those who have gained weight and they want to lose weight with the help of soup recipes or through simple diet.

Am I going correct?

Third categories of people are those who are doing research over Vegetable Soup Recipe and other simple veg diet.

Fourth categories of people are those who are physician and prefer their patients to eat vegetable things or soup recipes. Last kinds of people are those who suddenly landed here on searching Google with similar kind of things.

Vegetable Soup Recipe

I hope I explained well regarding categories of people who are reading my stuff over “Vegetable Soup Recipe – A Perfect Weight Loss Guide”.

Maker of Yummy! Vegetable Soup Recipe

Well! Some of you might be eager to know about me so let me introduce myself.

I am Kristi from California. I am mom of two cute children. I am currently a successful home maker and love to share kitchen stuff with my friends like you through this blog, YummyVegetableSoupRecipe.Com; I like to surf stuff on internet, also I am 35 years old learner.

I’ll share cooking tips, vegetable soup recipe making tips, natural weight loss tips, tips to cure diseases through home remedies and many more tips that every mom or women must carry for their hubby, children or family so stay tuned with me.

What is Vegetable Soup Recipe?

I’d like to start my post from very this subheadings because mostly Americans are indulged in eating Burger, Pizza and all kind of fast food and getting increment in their weight and lots of other diseases that makes them sick along with they are ruining their physique and looks.

When I was free at home then I completed Dietician course through correspondence and learnt very basics from Vegetable soup recipe so I am going to share those with you all because you are my best online buddy.

Basically Vegetable Soup Recipe is the food (either in the form of liquid or solid), which contains Cabbage, Carrot, Apple, Pea, Cauliflower, less salt, less spicy things and less oil. These soup recipes are the best alternatives of any costly medicines and it always keeps you fit and healthy. Additionally, if you do regular exercise, workout or yoga along with soup recipes or vegetable soup recipe then you’ll be healthier long life and you won’t get increment in your weight and related diseases.

So it was all about introduction to Vegetable Soup Recipe, Now in next 20 minutes, we are going to discuss about Benefits of taking soup recipes, Ingredients of healthy Vegetable soup recipe and other advantages along with you’ll learn making of various soup recipes.

Let’s go!

Benefits of Vegetable Soup Recipe

If you are looking for low fat as well as excellent nutrients containing food then Vegetable soup recipe is the best option. It is proven way for weight loss; also it won’t let you feel hunger and balances your appetite.

When you consult any weight loss expert then their first choice of suggestion is taking vegetable soup recipes and you know if you follow their guideline of taking soup recipes then you help themselves by reducing 90% of your body weight and you make task of your consultant easier by 99% and you waste lots of money by paying their consultancy charge so it is wise to bring vegetable soup recipe in your habit so that you can save big money on other medicines and consultancy fee of your weight loss consultant. Following are the direct benefits that we get from vegetable soup recipe:

  • When we eat vegetable by doing fry and boiling then we loss many healthy nutrients and other elements that gives energy to our body; but when we eat by making soup recipes then there is very less chance to lose all those nutrients and vitamins.
  • Soup recipes are mostly in liquid form so our body can easily digest them without any extra effort in very less time. So this is the best advantage of taking vegetable soup recipe.
  • We generally take tea or coffee for warming up body and it makes us active. Similar to that, we also take Vegetable soup recipe when it is warn and it makes us active and cheerful.
  • In soup recipes, we use bunch of different vegetables that gives us good taste and along with taste we get nutrients, vitamins and other stuff from many vegetable in a single liquid.
  • Making soup recipes are fun kind of thing. We can spare good time on Sunday or holiday by doing experiment over tasty and healthy vegetable soup recipe.
  • We can’t buy lunch every day or we can’t eat food in restaurant every day. It becomes costlier for us. But we can buy vegetables at very less cost than buying lunch from hotel or restaurant and we can prepare well and good soup recipes which are healthier and favorable for our body.
  • You can freeze your vegetable soup recipe. When you return back your home late night from work then you don’t need to think to prepare food at night, especially when you are tired. You simple take out soup recipes from freeze and take inside your mouth. It’ll maintain its nutrients for longer.

So these were the direct benefits that you get from vegetable soup recipe, there are some other benefits too that you never have seen on single sight but after getting soup recipes regularly you find those benefits and you feel super natural power in you with good self-confidence.


Vegetable Soup Recipe

How to make Vegetable Soup Recipe in 2 minutes?

You’ll know about many vegetable soup recipes, but here I am going to share 2 minutes vegetable soup recipe. Tip that I am going to share to make your vegetable soup recipe will be as quick as you never thought before. It gives you lots of healthy things to your body and the most important thing you save your time. So let’s start! :)

You must have following ingredients in your kitchen; if not, then go to market and buy them.

Base Ingredients

  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onion
  • Garlic

Some other Ingredients as per season

  • Pumpkin
  • Parsnip
  • Sweet Potato
  • Potato
  • Broccoli
  • Mushrooms

Steps to prepare your Vegetable Soup Recipe

Step #1: Chopped up base ingredients mentioned above

Step #2: Furnish chopped material in a pot with liquid

Step #3: Allow them for soften

Step #4: Add other vegetables that you bought as per your taste

Step #5: Crush Potatoes and Pumpkins for extra thickness

Step #6: You can add peas

Step #7: Cook the liquid mixture

Step #8: For getting taste, you can add onion

Some other benefits of Soup Recipes

  • Saturated fat means low in fat material
  • It is good for those who always get sickness and it is beneficial for those who get problem in chewing and digestion
  • Eating some special soup like Miso soup reduces breast cancer.
  • It is best diet when you are doing dieting for weight loss. Eating or drinking cabbage soup is the best for that
  • To become pure veggies you can take thick soups which are good in more amounts of vegetables. You can take thick soups as your meal
  • Soups can be taken in both, Summer and Winter. Cold soups are best for summer whereas Hot soups are good for winter season
  • Those who are worried about fat then they can take soups containing low-sodium, etc.

Let’s talk about brief description of base ingredients of any vegetable soup recipe and their advantages.


  • Stable Ingredients
  • Full of Vitamin – A
  • It helps to overcome Dry eyes, Cataracts, Macular degeneration and Blindness
  • Lutein is best for eyes
  • It helps to overcome cardiovascular diseases due to presence of Antioxidants
  • One cup of carrot soup gives you 420 Mg Vitamin A


  • It is key ingredient of any soup recipes
  • It is full of Antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin A
  • It protects your cell and helps to recover Cancer
  • Making tomato soup your regular diet overcomes Prostate, Pancreatic and Breast Cancer
  • It reduces fat
  • One cup of tomato soup gives you 30 Mg Vitamin A and 40 Mg Vitamin C


  • It gives taste to your vegetable soup
  • Onion mixed soup improves your overall health
  • It prevents tooth decay, oral health, reduces cancer and improves cardiovascular system
  • It provides antioxidant to your body with Calcium(Cl), Potassium (K) and Magnesium(Mg)
  • Half Cup Onion in Soup added Vitamin C to your body


  • It increases vitamins to your body
  • It reduces fat, blood pressure, cancer and improves your immunity system
  • It also overcomes migraines
  • One cup Celery gives 8 Mg Vitamin A and 4 Mg Vitamin C

It was all about advantages of using base ingredients in your vegetable soup recipe. Let’s continue our discussion at next level.

7 Days Vegetable Soup Recipe Diet Plan for Perfect Weight Loss

Mostly Americans are facing problem of weight gain and due to that they are getting so many diseases. After my thorough research among 50 people I have made 7 days diet plan to overcome your weight. Are you ready to work for my 7 days plan to reduce your weight?

Let me go through the details!

The Work Plan

You need to believe in me and you’ll reduce more than 5 KG a week through my activities with soup recipes.

In my 7 days diet plan, You won’t take any high calorie breakfast or lunch meal and every night you’ll take soup recipes as your dinner and you are not allowed to vary or add additional ingredients to your vegetable soup. You simply need to cook soup recipes in large pot at evening.

Soups for 7 Days

You are allowed to choose vegetables of your choice or as per your taste as all vegetable gives nutrients. You can use base ingredients in your vegetable soup recipe. For your information, you can use Carrots, Cabbage, Celery, Green Beans, Peas, Garlic, Spinach and Zucchini.

Diet Strategies

Make your vegetable soup recipe in a way that should not avoid consuming more than 800 Mg Sodium in 2 cups of vegetable soup recipe. As per American Heart Association, Consumption of too much sodium leads to heart problem. You’ll feel the change at the end of 7 days after consuming Soup recipes for a week.

So it was all about 7 days diet plan for weight loss. Simply this is homemade technique to reduce weight. It makes you healthier, smart, confident and self-motivated as well as all time you’ll feel happy and cherish. Less weight also makes you active in your work. I never prefer anyone to go Gym for the purpose to get down your weight. There are so many home remedies available that reduces your weight in unbelievable manner. If you practice yoga regularly along with soup recipes then you’ll get down your weight as soon as that no any consultant can help you. I personally feel nothing is better than any home remedies, either in food, family, health remedies and whatever.

Conclusion on Vegetable Soup Recipe

Have you imagined you have completed reading 2000 words content and still you are enjoying reading this! Vegetable Soup Recipe is the tasty, yummy, healthy and funny food that gives your benefits in direct or indirect manner. It makes your body fit and active along with it increases your immunity.

Along with taking Soup Recipes, You should practice eating Carrot, Sweet Potato, Orange, Apple, Grapes and other fruits that give strength to your body.

So it was all about Vegetable Soup Recipe. I am looking to hear from you, Send me your message for suggestion, feedback and share your problem we’ll give you solution. Stay Connect for more stuffs.